2012 Hundred Project

2012 Hundred Project

 My theory is this: We spend far too much of our lives standing in the background. Whether it be waiting, hoping, or working, we are constantly consumed with schedules or routines or taking things step by step by step. It’s as if we were given a blueprint when we were born, outlining the moments in life during which we should do this or do that or move on. I don’t know at what point we deemed that as being necessary. Unfortunately, I’m guilty of following such an outline to a tee. I can’t say it’s all bad, because staying within the lines has gotten me into, for example, college, where I play the game I love and have found a passion in journalism, both of which have opened doors for me to my future. Cue the next step.

That’s not necessarily the problem though. The problem is that I’ve managed to do just about all of that while sitting ever so patiently as a wallflower. I’ve yet to do anything that has made me feel so incredibly alive that it pushed me to tears, or has made me realize who I am, or anything that has made me question in all honesty if I was alive. Have I made new discoveries? Of course. Has that helped define me? Sure. But the core of who we are, our raw being without any shields or layers, lies beneath emotions and worries and doubt. Sadly, those are the things that hold us back. And tragically, there are so few people who ever meet the person in their core.

So this is my mission. I’m going on a journey in this glorious year of 2012 to declare myself. I want to feel it all– I want to feel alive. By doing so, I will try 100 things that I have never, ever tried before. Some will be scary. Most will be challenging. Some may be less significant than others. But that’s okay. The point is to exhaust myself in experience, whether those experiences be good, bad, and everything in between. The best part is, only part of it is planned. I have a “bucket list” type category in my head that will serve as ideas (skydiving, voting in a presidential election, feeding a homeless person… to name a few), but most will be spontaneous. My goal is to try 1-3 things a week so that I’m constantly thinking and am constantly open minded about everything I see.

I’m not exactly sure what I’ll get out of this, but the thought of not knowing is what drives me to explore it. Each of the one hundred adventures will impact me in their own unique way, and so I’ll be writing and documenting my experiences periodically as we go. Join me if you want, at any given time of the year.

3 thoughts on “2012 Hundred Project

  1. The pride you bring me by having you as my daughter…. that makes me feel alive!!! Good luck and I hope you find what you are seeking!

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